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About our ebooks

We have designed our site to ensure that downloading or viewing ebooks is a simple and enjoyable experience. When looking for ebooks, simply click on the ebook tab on the home page and you’ll find a complete list of our ebook offerings. A tab on the main menu will direct you to all of our digital products.

While browsing through detailed book descriptions, beside the symbol you will see the various ebook formats available. Nothing could be simpler.

Ordering an ebook

When buying an ebook, simply choose the format your format (PDF or ePub), place it in your cart and confirm your order. If you don’t have an account we will ask you to create one, if you do have an account, simply log in. You can then complete your transaction.

Ordering an ebook is no different than purchasing a printed book. When you confirm your order you will be asked to accept Librairie Gallimard’s terms of sale. You will receive a first email confirming your order. In the case of an ebook, once your payment has been authorized we will send a second email to the address listed on your account and that email will have a link for your download..

Please note that once your payment authorization goes through, you will not be able to cancel your order or be reimbursed for it. As soon as you have received the link to download or access the ebook online the cost of the transaction will be debited automatically and cancelling the order is impossible, even if you decide you do not wish to use the download or access the book online.

Librairie Gallimard de Montréal: Our site makes book buying easy

The Librairie Gallimard de Montréal makes book buying easy. You can purchase all formats (printed copy, ePub, PDF) in a single order without having to login again. Everything is included in single process.

Our ebook section will keep you up to date on new arrivals each week and showcase our bestsellers.

To ensure that you get the most out of your Librairie Gallimard experience, our loyalty program applies equally to printed and ebooks. Details

With ebooks, since there are no delivery charges, the “free delivery” offerings do not apply. Those only apply to ordering printed books. Details

Electronic browsing

You can browse through several pages of an ebook before deciding to purchase it. Simply click on the found in the book’s detailed description above the cover image and then click on “browse”.

System requirements for accessing ebooks

This section will help you choose which format you would like to choose and what equipment and software you will need to enjoy your ebook.

If you do not have an ebook reader, we recommend that you download Adobe Digital Editions® which is free, to read your ebooks. There are two ebook formats: PDF and ePub. Books are not necessarily available in both formats. To find out what formats are available for the title you are interested in, simply click on the cover image or the title itself for the book’s description.

What do I do if I want to change the type of device for my ebook

If you upgrade or change your ebook reader (a new tablet, computer or smartphone), just revisit your account orders on our site and download the version best suited to your new device. If the file is electronically protected by DRM (digital rights management) or other software, you are entitled to a maximum of 6 downloads.


PDF is the ideal format for reading ebooks on a computer (desktop or laptop). It allows you to read interactive ebooks with fixed pagination. You can use the zoom function to increase or decrease font size. Some PDF text/image files allow a character search function so you can easily find words or phrases. If the PDF file is DRM (digital rights management) protected, you will be allowed a maximum of 6 downloads. You will not be able to cut and paste the text or print it. Some ebooks do not contain publisher’s safeguards. You must make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed – it is free to download (http://get.adobe.com/reader/).


ePub was developed specifically for use on tablets such as eReader, Kobo, Cybook as well as on multimedia tablets like iPads and Androids. With ePub you can choose the size and font that suits you. You can also search for letter or word strings within the text. If the ePub file is DRM Adobe (digital rights management) protected, you will be allowed a maximum of 6 downloads. You must make sure you have Adobe Digital Editions® installed – it is free to download.

Copyright Protection

1. DRM (Digital Right Management)

The DRM protocol was developed to protect copyright in works distributed digitally with software that impedes unauthorized duplication and manipulation.

To read books protected by DRM ACS4, you need an Adobe ID account. It is free to create and use, please consult Adobe Digital Editions®.

2. Watermarks

Watermarks appear on the ebook you purchase and contain the license number, the name of the license holder and the date of purchase of the license. The watermark doesn’t inhibit copying but it is permanently embedded and acts as a deterrent to copying.

iPhone/iPad compatibility

First you should open an Adobe ID account either directly from your computer Adobe Digital Editions®, or from your iPad through the app store.

For ebooks with DRM ACS4 protection, go to the app store to download Bluefire Reader – it’s free. Once it is installed, you need to activate it with your Adobe ID. When you download the ebook onto your iPhone or iPad (URLLink.acsm) from the link in email sent sent to from us, your device will ask for confirmation prior to opening Bluefire Reader. We recommend that you rename the file with the title of the book.

PC/Mac compatibility

All of our titles are compatible with either Macs or PCs.

You need only download the appropriate Adobe Digital Editions®free on the Adobe site.

Other Readers (Kobo, eReader, Cybook…)

Simply create an Adobe ID account. The account for your reader can be created with Adobe Digital Editions®, free on the Adobe site.

Once your account is created you should have no problem ordering ebooks from our site and downloading them to enjoy on your device.

Kindle Compatiblity

If you have an Amazon Kindle, then you are probably aware that it does not support ePub books. You simple have to download CALIBRE, which will allow you to convert ePub books into Kindle compatible books with a simple click.

Please contact Customer Service for any question about delivery costs and times.

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